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Binary Options Magnet

Binary Options Forex buy and sell in the market provides significantly higher returns than traditional procedures. You can get up to 89% return. Moreover, the short-term binary options 60 seconds can be achieved in such a short time as well as rapid gains. Another benefit: the risk is under control, there is no leverage. Therefore, losses never exceed the amount invested.

Planet Option Forex how business is done in the market? Based on the simple and intuitive, this Planet Option trading platform. Ramada a few clicks of a wide range of exchange binary option provides the opportunity to invest. Even binary-options-trading24.com with the small amount you can invest wherever you are online. (250 starts from euros) depending on your estimates, you have the opportunity to use three different strategies. For example, the Euro / US Dollar (EUR / USD) If you have decided to make predictions in the dry, you can select the following strategies:

 High / Low - Over / Under (High / Low) EUR / USD parity at a certain time (ranging from a few hours to a few minutes) ratio below Did you decide on whether to above. Possible winnings are known in advance and published on the platform. If the forex binary options according to your estimates EUR / USD gain (in the money) runs until 89% of the amount you deposit you make a profit. Unlike losing your guess if that option (out of the money) runs the deposits made will be lost.

 Single Contact this forex trading strategy at a particular time, the EUR / USD could to reach that allows you to predict or to reach a certain value. If you think you have to reach a certain value and have earned if this value is reached. If the price does not reach a certain value according to your estimates and it will have still not reached a profit.

 Inside / Outside area (Zone In / Out) - Limit Option (Boundary options) as the limit strategy known inside / outside area (Zone In / Out) is the fastest strategy in binary options trading the Forex market. The option allows you to predict it reaches a certain price range.